When Companies are already used to 360º Assessment processes, we propose a high-impact 350º Approach to learning and leveraging people’s potential.

Our 350º Approach to Leadership development and Organizational Change, follows human process to develop horses skills to successfully recall the information available and lead others by influence. It’s an efficient and effective InOut Leadership that brings Transformation in and out of oneself.

A leader who is aware of the blind angles and learns to act on the blind angles, will be more likely to successfully bring Engagement and cohesion, develop Will for Results and set non-traumatic Cultural Change.

Thinking Ahead – Doing in Time – Caring for All

What our Customers say

An excellent experience. It is surprising the way you can establish a relationship with the horses that brings mental clarity and emotional impact. Thank you InOut team for your great work!

Sara M., team leader (Dec 2019)

We have been impacted by the quick understanding of the problems and the way this kind of work help you see new possibilities you had never considered. Highly recommended out-of the-box methodology.

J. Sanchez, National Sales Manager (Sept 2019)

For sure the horses alone wouldn’t bring the change, it is the mix what I have found really interesting and valuable for us in this moment. However, I have to say the experience with the horses is very impacting internally and you have the feeling that you will never forget the lesson.

Marc Soto, Entrepreneur (June 2019)

Let’s build up together!

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